An Apple a day.

So we recently upgraded to a new Apple computer here at the “home office”, and I’ve spent yesterday and what I’m sure will be a good portion of this day doing what I can to really make it mine.
Fun stuff like uploading photos and changing wallpapers…to recreating spreadsheets and lost documents from the old computer. Though, all that being said it’s a nice tag along to the book I currently have my nose in, “Steve Jobs”.  As a fan of Apple, both product and company, its nice to be synced back into a system where my phone and computer are one (all while prepping and keeping an eye out on the iPad 3) while reading about the man who helped make Apple what it is today.

Anywhos, I shall leave you with a sketch I did in collaboration with Chris Chua,  and be sure to check out our SUPER AWESOME FACEBOOK where you can like us for more photos, links, artwork, and fun times.


– Cory


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