Its Not Easy Being Green

So a good portion of down time at the stand always ends up in discussion of new art projects, fun ideas, or quite often….our favorite films. Some artists like action, some like comedy, some like the independents. Though we almost always find ourselves on the same page when it comes to two genres; animated kid films and sic-fi.

Toy Story and Terminator, The Lion King and Tron, The Muppets and Alien.

Well with The Muppets in the review mirror and the upcoming Alien prequel “Prometheus” soon to be released, you can guess whats been on the tip of our tongues. So much so that we have had quite the string of conversations that all revolve around just what can go head to head against a Xenomorph (the alien creature from the “Alien” series). We have pit the creature in an imaginary battle against just about every fictional sic-fi character we could think of, even some super heroes. We sat pondering one day who would make a good match for the beast…when all at once it hit us…….after a few shared words and a stroke of artistic genius, artist Ali Thome brought us this wonderful piece:


We may never know why there are so many songs about rainbows, but I think we can all agree that its impossible to not love the little green guy behind the music.

Anywhos, be sure to check out Alis blog for more awesome artwork, including some more Alien fan art. Also, if you’re as into the Alien series as we are be sure to check out this awesome viral video as well.

– Cory


One thought on “Its Not Easy Being Green

  1. alirthome says:

    hahaha i know that picture

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