A good “good morning”

I started this business with a friend, of which together we had about 18 years of prior retail caricature experience. As we look ahead and work on our own operations, we try to look back at the once that we once worked for and with. Keeping in mind what worked and what did not, we strive to create the best experience for both artists and the customers even if its just a change in the chairs we use.

This is a portion of the job that I love just as much as the art itself. We’re a close group, us artist, and as we bring new ones on and meet new people, it is just fantastic to have an environment that goes beyond work and into friendships.  Even more fantastic is waking up to quotes like this on your Facebook wall…

You guys are everything I ever wanted a caricature business to be! I’m so glad I have opportunities to work with you. “…I thought it was the California Boys? That’s a girl!” Lolz. I love you all so much…! More than as artists, as people. Realest people and coolest artists I have ever met in my life. ♥ – Krystal Simmons

It’s a beautiful reminder that this is more than just a caricature company. It’s a group of great people, doing great things.

– Cory

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