A weekday weekend

“Good news everyone!”

I, am not dead.

I know! I know. Life can go on.

That being said I have been away from the blog world for a bit (but I appreciate the notification emails WordPress). This weekend I found myself a nice little drawing gig around the corner from the office, and by office I mean my house. I drew at a fun bar called Joes Irish Pub while the rest of the crew drew on in Texas! Now being St. Patricks day I expected a wave of young and drunken fools to fill my chair. However, I was treated to a nice surprise of OLD drunken fools filling my chair. How pleasant!

No, really, it was quite pleasant. Met some fun people and made some decent connections for further gigs. I was decently satisfied with my art, but only found two of the sketches photo worthy….

Sunday turned into a “self marketing day” as I handed out flyers to the local business promoting my services and that of the companies. Which, has already resulted in one gig booking and a commissioned sketch. A win in my books.

Monday then, turned into hours and hours (and hours) of making up for a lost weekend by diving into the world of Skyrim (if you don’t know what that is, tsk tsk).

With that, I leave you folk with a great photo from our artists and friends drawing away in the Lone Star State….

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One thought on “A weekday weekend

  1. alirthome says:

    That first one is a bit of a different look than the stuff you usually do. It’s very Sean Gardner (and yes, thats a huge compliment) love!

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