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Don Corys Alone

So, turns out last Saturday was a bust. :/

The events were fun, and great for themselves but I can’t say I got much out of it. A fun doodle or two I suppose.
Wheres does this leave me?

Well right here of corse! Right here with cold pizza, a computer, and the social company of two cats (I am by no means complaining)!
Still messing around with digital caricatures. I’ve recently become part of a Facebook group that encourages funny and crazy likenesses, so I’m trying to use this as a chance to work with the tablet. This weeks theme for the group was “The Godfather” (a favorite series of mine). I drew to digital sketches. One an attempt at detail (that I feel its obvious I got lazier as moved from character to character) and other an attempt at simple and silly (thanks to the harsh yet helpful critique of friend and artist Ali Thome).

Well, now to go do something with my day, and to give you some art to check out.

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Forward March (into May)

So taxes are done and behind us!


Got a chance to talk with both an accountant and a banker about some future business ideas, and more importantly, got a chance to talk it over with some close friends and other caricature artists. Part of that includes our very first permanent location! Woooooo! Right? Right! We will be providing the caricatures for The Hudson Valley Renegades over their season at Dutchess Stadium in NY. It’s no six flags, but its steady work, and defiantly a step in the right direction. Plus the season mixes in well with the fair line up we have here on the East Coast.

That said, more immediate work this weekend. A North East Collectors Fest  and then drawing in the oh so local downtown of Beacon NY for an event they call “Second Saturday”. I think it’ll be a good and fun day! I’m especially looking  forward to the collectors fest. I think I’ll get some fun theme sketches out of it. All the while our boys march on down in Texas.

Anywhos….now for some art……

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and following.
May the force be with you!

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Save the Date

Another week passed filled with the odds and ends of life & work.

Sent out some of the business plan to co-workers for their opinions, drew some commissions, prepping for taxes (yay!)booked some parties, and new to the list? Staffed some shows.
In the beginning of the year I fill in my calendar with shows and events we are booked to be in, and it can be daunting. Looking at a list of obligations that seem to take up all of one half of the year, and leave you scrounging for work the other.

Though, it all comes together. After a few Facebook messages coordinated with some phone calls…my calendar starts to fill up a bit more. Each show is now followed by the name of the artists working it. One at a time a new artists name gets pinned to the calendar, and at a time of the year where the stress of no work and little pay is at its highest…..a sigh of relief comes over me. We’ll be okay. Even if we simply repeat last year, we won’t have too much to worry about. All the while, I’ve got good reason to look forward to next year as well.

That said, I’ve been ending my day with a personal relief….


…some good ol’ Minecraft.

(if you don’t know what it is, you should learn)


Getting Down to Business

Things are slow folks. Company wise at least. A few little shows here and there in Texas as we wait for things to start picking up here out east. Personally, I’ve been on the prowl to make a buck on my own here and there, but I still find myself with a decent amount of time on my hands. Thus far, it has gone to a handful of pet projects.

First and foremost…a prim and proper (kind of) Business Plan. We figured as our third year of operating rolls in and we branch out to the west coast, its time we get a bit more serious. Writing down and clarifying staffing procedures, financial operations, and a whole bunch of other super duper exciting stuff. It’s gratifying to see it come together, but can feel a bit easy to get lost in.

Other than that, I recently got myself a tiny little Wacom tablet, which if you don’t know,  is a decent tool for digital illustration. The learning curve has been kind of cruel, but to share some of whats come so far….

Anyways. Hope all is well out there!