Getting Down to Business

Things are slow folks. Company wise at least. A few little shows here and there in Texas as we wait for things to start picking up here out east. Personally, I’ve been on the prowl to make a buck on my own here and there, but I still find myself with a decent amount of time on my hands. Thus far, it has gone to a handful of pet projects.

First and foremost…a prim and proper (kind of) Business Plan. We figured as our third year of operating rolls in and we branch out to the west coast, its time we get a bit more serious. Writing down and clarifying staffing procedures, financial operations, and a whole bunch of other super duper exciting stuff. It’s gratifying to see it come together, but can feel a bit easy to get lost in.

Other than that, I recently got myself a tiny little Wacom tablet, which if you don’t know,  is a decent tool for digital illustration. The learning curve has been kind of cruel, but to share some of whats come so far….

Anyways. Hope all is well out there!


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