Forward March (into May)

So taxes are done and behind us!


Got a chance to talk with both an accountant and a banker about some future business ideas, and more importantly, got a chance to talk it over with some close friends and other caricature artists. Part of that includes our very first permanent location! Woooooo! Right? Right! We will be providing the caricatures for The Hudson Valley Renegades over their season at Dutchess Stadium in NY. It’s no six flags, but its steady work, and defiantly a step in the right direction. Plus the season mixes in well with the fair line up we have here on the East Coast.

That said, more immediate work this weekend. A North East Collectors Fest  and then drawing in the oh so local downtown of Beacon NY for an event they call “Second Saturday”. I think it’ll be a good and fun day! I’m especially looking  forward to the collectors fest. I think I’ll get some fun theme sketches out of it. All the while our boys march on down in Texas.

Anywhos….now for some art……

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May the force be with you!

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