Don Corys Alone

So, turns out last Saturday was a bust. :/

The events were fun, and great for themselves but I can’t say I got much out of it. A fun doodle or two I suppose.
Wheres does this leave me?

Well right here of corse! Right here with cold pizza, a computer, and the social company of two cats (I am by no means complaining)!
Still messing around with digital caricatures. I’ve recently become part of a Facebook group that encourages funny and crazy likenesses, so I’m trying to use this as a chance to work with the tablet. This weeks theme for the group was “The Godfather” (a favorite series of mine). I drew to digital sketches. One an attempt at detail (that I feel its obvious I got lazier as moved from character to character) and other an attempt at simple and silly (thanks to the harsh yet helpful critique of friend and artist Ali Thome).

Well, now to go do something with my day, and to give you some art to check out.

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