Holy hannah Batman! The time has come! Our last post was pretty much a whine fest about an old website, but check us out now!


Mind blown right?! I’m surprised you even made it back to the blog? Or did you make it back here because its a “FEATURED” blog post?! Hmm? Did you like that little tid bit? Did you notice this blog post has been categorized as well (as will all “Featured” posts)!

Or maybe your just patient enough to not go clicking on every possible hyperlink. Probably for the best.

BUT WHILE YOURE HERE (and thanks for sticking around) let me give you a tour of the site…



What’s there now…

Like most home pages we have a nice collection of all the site has to offer served right to you. From featured section that scrolls through all the page options, the ability to order caricatures right from the get go, and even the return of (an updated) Facebook widget (which we’ve already agreed is pretty awesome)! This time around though it allows you to view and interact with posts and photos from our Facebook page live. Double awesome right?

What’s coming…

We are pretty satisfied with the home page but want add a few more things to really spruce it up; including a twitter feed and a font created just for the site!



What’s there now…

Ever really wanted to know who we are? Check out who draws how? Well, merry Christmas! I admit so far the list is a bit limited, but to get the site out in time we wanted to get up most the artists that we’ve worked with and have given us their amazing talents.

What’s coming…

It won’t be long though before we organize and expand this list, as well as offer a chance for the artists to get work out of the site, and for our customers to pick and choose their favorite ones!



What’s there now…

Okay, so the titles a little misleading. It should be called “PAGE OF AWESOME THINGS”…but everyone told me thats a bad idea. But its a nice mix of caricatures, good time photos, doodles, and best of all…videos.

What’s coming…

I hope you’re ready to love us even harder. Best thing is…this page only gets better the more fun we have, and we are some pretty fun people. More art, more videos, more crazy photos if us having crazy times!



What’s there now…

Alright folks, we’re no Sears, but that doesn’t mean we can’t at least open shop. The good news is the first stuff we have up is completely free (we decided charging for wall paper was a bit much)! Grab a wall paper for your computer, phone, or whatever new age device your reading this blog on, then order you caricature all on the same page.

What’s coming…

Keep an eye out down the road for this sucker to fill up, from “The California Boys” t-shirts to the brand new solar energy “TCB” car*! Also, cleaner forms for ordering caricatures and gigs!



What’s there now…

Considering how much you love us, I know this is the page most of you will be uber excited for. Now you can stalk us at your will! This is totally the cherry on top! Check out what shows we’ve done, and what shows we have coming up! Weather you are an artist or fan you can now keep track of our next steps so you are always in the “know”.

What’s coming…

More stalker friendly info! Links to fair sites, a cleaner look, and a weee bit more order to the list of events!

Enough reading this though! Goooo check it out! Browse it! Feel it! LOVE it! Or hey, maybe you won’t Either way we would LOVE to know your thoughts. A lot of work went into getting this ready and a lot of work is going to be put into making it right! See something your not fond of? Think a feature would be great? Or maybe you do like it the way it is, seriously, we are looking for all the feedback we can get!

Jokes aside…a LOT of effort has been put into this work, mainly by Jordan Martin. Plenty of you guys out there has made this possible, but I have personally watched this man slave over (and deal with my nit picking) his computer to make this happen. So if you liked what you saw, give a hand to Jordan for the amazing work and effort he has put in. He’s a best friend not only to me but this company as well, and we would be NOWHERE without him.

So drop a comment, send a message, write an email, do whatever. We hope to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to read!

Thanks again guys!

*We are not making a car, sorry folks.

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