Getting Down to Business

Things are slow folks. Company wise at least. A few little shows here and there in Texas as we wait for things to start picking up here out east. Personally, I’ve been on the prowl to make a buck on my own here and there, but I still find myself with a decent amount of time on my hands. Thus far, it has gone to a handful of pet projects.

First and foremost…a prim and proper (kind of) Business Plan. We figured as our third year of operating rolls in and we branch out to the west coast, its time we get a bit more serious. Writing down and clarifying staffing procedures, financial operations, and a whole bunch of other super duper exciting stuff. It’s gratifying to see it come together, but can feel a bit easy to get lost in.

Other than that, I recently got myself a tiny little Wacom tablet, which if you don’t know,  is a decent tool for digital illustration. The learning curve has been kind of cruel, but to share some of whats come so far….

Anyways. Hope all is well out there!


Angry Arnold’s modern, regular, amazing, adventure time with Uncle Grandpa’

So Chris Chua and I were talking about this and that one day when we started talking about some of our favorite cartoons. While a true to blood 90’s child, I’m a huge fan of classics such as Rockos Modern Life, Hey Arnold, The Angry Beavers, etc. Heck, some of those may even early millennium. Okay, so I’m really bad at remembering when anything really happened in my childhood, but I know I love those cartoons.

Which is why I am surprised to be quite pleased by cartoons I’m seeing on TV now and days. I’m not saying they are perfect or even great, but there are a few fun and silly things on TV. First off “The Regular Show” and “The Amazing World of Gumball” can be a fun watch. Not every episode is a win, but it’s a nice change of pace from Spongebob. Thought to top these, my new love is “Adventure Time”. I think the script and illustrations are consistently silly, with the perfect setting to allow for over the top senerios. It has already found itself the center of a handful of internet memes, and I hope to see more as time goes on.

ANWAYS, enough of my blabbing.

Having this conversation Chris turned me onto a cartoon that only aired once (I believe) and it is one of very few cartoons that can make me actually “lol”.  Yes, I am a sucker for fart jokes, but even if your not, I think you could agree the timing on their jokes is superb, and over all the show is just entirely silly! (note…if you can’t tell, I like things to be “silly”)

So without further adieu, I present to you (drum roll)…

Uncle Grandpa’ Episode 1

Uncle Grandpa’ Episode 2

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A weekday weekend

“Good news everyone!”

I, am not dead.

I know! I know. Life can go on.

That being said I have been away from the blog world for a bit (but I appreciate the notification emails WordPress). This weekend I found myself a nice little drawing gig around the corner from the office, and by office I mean my house. I drew at a fun bar called Joes Irish Pub while the rest of the crew drew on in Texas! Now being St. Patricks day I expected a wave of young and drunken fools to fill my chair. However, I was treated to a nice surprise of OLD drunken fools filling my chair. How pleasant!

No, really, it was quite pleasant. Met some fun people and made some decent connections for further gigs. I was decently satisfied with my art, but only found two of the sketches photo worthy….

Sunday turned into a “self marketing day” as I handed out flyers to the local business promoting my services and that of the companies. Which, has already resulted in one gig booking and a commissioned sketch. A win in my books.

Monday then, turned into hours and hours (and hours) of making up for a lost weekend by diving into the world of Skyrim (if you don’t know what that is, tsk tsk).

With that, I leave you folk with a great photo from our artists and friends drawing away in the Lone Star State….

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A first

Just put up our first video. Kind of a promotional video but also just a collection of good moments and times had in Florida.

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“APRIL FOOL” Contest

Get your FREE FULL COLOR CARICATURE (12×18) by winning our “April Fool” contest! Just follow the steps below!

1.) Find a foolish picture of yourself or who ever you might want a caricature drawn of (goofy friends, soon to be embarrassed loved one, etc).

2.) Go to our Facebook (<- click it, like it) and either post the photo to our wall with a caption about being our April Fool, or message it to us before April 1st!

3.) Come back after April 1st, find the “foolish faces” album, and vote for what you think are the most “foolish” pictures by “liking” them!

4.) The photo with the “most” likes by April 8th will win, and be used to draw a full color caricature that will get sent to the submitter!

Remember, the photo with the most “likes” wins, so get your friends to like our Facebook now so when voting time rolls around, you can win your foolish caricature! Hopefully we will get to see some fun pictures that lead to even more fun artwork!

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A good “good morning”

I started this business with a friend, of which together we had about 18 years of prior retail caricature experience. As we look ahead and work on our own operations, we try to look back at the once that we once worked for and with. Keeping in mind what worked and what did not, we strive to create the best experience for both artists and the customers even if its just a change in the chairs we use.

This is a portion of the job that I love just as much as the art itself. We’re a close group, us artist, and as we bring new ones on and meet new people, it is just fantastic to have an environment that goes beyond work and into friendships.  Even more fantastic is waking up to quotes like this on your Facebook wall…

You guys are everything I ever wanted a caricature business to be! I’m so glad I have opportunities to work with you. “…I thought it was the California Boys? That’s a girl!” Lolz. I love you all so much…! More than as artists, as people. Realest people and coolest artists I have ever met in my life. ♥ – Krystal Simmons

It’s a beautiful reminder that this is more than just a caricature company. It’s a group of great people, doing great things.

– Cory

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Its Not Easy Being Green

So a good portion of down time at the stand always ends up in discussion of new art projects, fun ideas, or quite often….our favorite films. Some artists like action, some like comedy, some like the independents. Though we almost always find ourselves on the same page when it comes to two genres; animated kid films and sic-fi.

Toy Story and Terminator, The Lion King and Tron, The Muppets and Alien.

Well with The Muppets in the review mirror and the upcoming Alien prequel “Prometheus” soon to be released, you can guess whats been on the tip of our tongues. So much so that we have had quite the string of conversations that all revolve around just what can go head to head against a Xenomorph (the alien creature from the “Alien” series). We have pit the creature in an imaginary battle against just about every fictional sic-fi character we could think of, even some super heroes. We sat pondering one day who would make a good match for the beast…when all at once it hit us…….after a few shared words and a stroke of artistic genius, artist Ali Thome brought us this wonderful piece:


We may never know why there are so many songs about rainbows, but I think we can all agree that its impossible to not love the little green guy behind the music.

Anywhos, be sure to check out Alis blog for more awesome artwork, including some more Alien fan art. Also, if you’re as into the Alien series as we are be sure to check out this awesome viral video as well.

– Cory

I’ve worked in retail caricatures for about a decade now, and yet I think I can honestly say I’ve only recently started to tap into really making artwork. This is thanks to being surrounded by great and new artists and friends. One being Chris Chua, who has an amazing and honest way of critiquing your work all while motivating you. His general spirit is  a constant reminder that we just might have the most awesome job in the world…

“THIS is what we do at “work” how cool is that! improvising, entertaining (both the guest and ourselves) creating unique artwork that couldn’t have been done by anyone other than you and I at that moment with these people, being pressured on the spot to create, execute, and deliver (plus sell it) and being able to share our creation with everyone and forever being documented. This is why live caricature is so unique, constantly challenging (if you let it be) and why I LOVE it and where I know I should be.” – Chris Chua

How many people can say that about their line of work?

I hope you can.

– Cory

Where I Should Be

An Apple a day.

So we recently upgraded to a new Apple computer here at the “home office”, and I’ve spent yesterday and what I’m sure will be a good portion of this day doing what I can to really make it mine.
Fun stuff like uploading photos and changing wallpapers…to recreating spreadsheets and lost documents from the old computer. Though, all that being said it’s a nice tag along to the book I currently have my nose in, “Steve Jobs”.  As a fan of Apple, both product and company, its nice to be synced back into a system where my phone and computer are one (all while prepping and keeping an eye out on the iPad 3) while reading about the man who helped make Apple what it is today.

Anywhos, I shall leave you with a sketch I did in collaboration with Chris Chua,  and be sure to check out our SUPER AWESOME FACEBOOK where you can like us for more photos, links, artwork, and fun times.


– Cory

A new frontier…

Hello world! This is Cory Lally, co-founder of The California Boys.
Upon the suggestion of a great artist and even better friend, The California Boys have gotten (drumroll please)… A BLOG! But you knew that. Not only did it sound like a great idea for the sake of being just ONE more way for people to find us (aside from our Facebook, twitter, and website thank you very much!), but the perfect way to convoy the awesome times we as artists have off stage.

This has been a goal of ours from day one, which as of now I’m not sure we have really accomplished. Our Facebook slightly gives people an insight to the awesome fun we have in and outside of our stands and operations, but I am hoping this blog really gives them (and you) a chance to really be part of the rock star lives (messy hotel rooms mainly) we live as caricature artist.

So I hope you all enjoy the personal twist and addition, and with it the weekly updates and photos to come!

– Cory Lally