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We decided early on, that our measurement of success would not be based on income or profits. Instead, those would be a reward (or not) of success. A side effect if you will.
Instead we started a company based on Free Caricatures. It was a whim, and it worked. To this day one of my fondest caricature moments was drawing in the middle of Times Square, the heart of NYC, and in turn the world…drawing for free, and people absolutely loving it.

It was a time spent with fellow artists Jared Layser and Tony Sobota. One of us would draw, one of us would take pictures, and one of us would mingle with the crowd (answer questions, build hype, etc), then we would all rotate. While mingling, Tony was asked “why are you doing it for free?!”. His answer?

“It’s what we love to do.”

Having gone to school for counseling (it may have been a more specific degree), Tony was able to present us with a question that would be the foundation of the company: “What would you do for free?”.

While we can’t always afford to offer them for free, free caricature founded the start of the company, and kept two artists afloat and living well in NYC for two years. Now, our goal, and our measurement of success, is to provide an environment and venues where people who answer that question with “caricatures” have a place to turn. A place where art, not sales is the focus. A place to flourish, to learn, and to move forward as an artist both creatively and professionally.

Recently we have been working on a stand design that we hope mixes the professional ┬ábrand, casual atmosphere, and image we have created for the company with progressive and influential art of great caricatures. Last night, we posted a picture of the finished tent (not even the finished stand) and the responses were some of the most exciting and flattering comments we could have received. I saw artists who’s names and art I look up to respond with excitement and a desire to be part of something more than just a business. Just a few…

“I want to work in and around this tent . . .”
“Can’t wait! Lol! I’m so excited”
“can’t wait to see it all together…its gorgeous”
“pretty sick”
“Looks beastin’ G!!”
“Nothing like some good marketing. Presentation is everything. Looks great”
“Dude this is going to be awesome. Can’t wait.”

It is probably the best feeling I have felt since starting this company. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Tomorrow the San Diego County Fair starts, and while I won’t be there personally, I will raise a glass…to all the artists who have been a HUGE help in getting things to where they are today, and all the caricature artists who help make the art what is today, and will be tomorrow.

I thank you greatly.

-Cory Lally

With that, a few photos of the new tent, and for the first time, the new back wall…

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