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Howdy-do folks! Been a long time hmm? Yea, thats much more my fault than yours, but I’m glad to see you stuck around. Why? Because I’ve got some pretty awesome news, thats why. So earlier in the year we put together an AMAZING new stand that really spoke for what we represent as a company. It had a laid back “California” look with a ton of really varied caricature styles; from “park sketch” cute to “Beasthead” extreme! Over all, it was just WAY more the look we are going for.

So with this brand new (and new brand) look, we found our self satisfied with an image. An image we think The California Boys can stick with for a while now…and our main venue (fair stands and booths) was armed to the teeth with supplies, tents, signage, and more that represented it. This however, did leave one venue open. One we had barely touched upon but held great potential to help us promote our image and caricature ideals across the globe! DUN DUN DUN! Ladies and gentlemen…I’m talking about…


The World Wide Web!

But we already have a website right? Sure. Sure we do. I knew you would say that. So I took some screen shots (because soon enough the site your about to see will be dead. Very very dead) to really reflect on what our website is now. So I present, the home page…

Alright. So, apparently we offer free caricatures (which is true). And what you can’t see is that that arrow does point to a little Facebook link. So thats cool. Doesn’t really say what we are or anything. But it looks like there are other pages. A Gallery, and an About Us. Lets check those out…


Yay! A Gallery! It shows what we do! It even has three different sections! All of which though just pretty much just filled with photos at least three years old, and art from a whopping three artists (PS. we work with WAY more than three artists). Okay, maybe this whole “about” thing will make up for it. What do you think?

Hey! Look! You can see the little facebook thing I was talking about! Yeah, I scrolled down just enough for you to see that. You can thank me later. It is cool though. It even shows people that like us! God bless widgets. Oh, there is also a little blurb about us that pretty much tells you to go look at our Facebook anyways. Actually, you really should. Were all about that. But overall, just a really dull and unpersonal bio. Bleh.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone. This is actually quite a fine site (though its been most recently refeared to as “Citrusy“) The home page gets your attention, there is a decent gallery, and information about the company as well as plenty of contact info. It even fit really well into the rest of our look. So why all the cynicism? Because as I type this Jordan freaking Martin is working on a website that quite frankly, will make this one look as dull compared to the new site as tic tac toe does to Dominion.

All you need to know is its’ not dull.

Which is perfect. With the ISCA convention right on our heels, we are literally hours away from putting the final touches on the new website (Yes, the timing was intended)…which I can’t tell you how excited I am! Seriously! Just a few of the things; Artists Profiles, Featured Articles & Artist Highlights, “The California Boys” store, an “Events” page, and SO much more! Plus, it just looks freakin’ awesome. All and all, I know I speak for Jordan and anyone who’s had a hand in it that we are all VERY excited to show it off in the next few days.

So keep an eye out, because I’m sure you’ll a post here (or me spamming you like crazy on Facebook) when the new site is up. Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Do stay well!



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So I every now & again I stumble upon  (quite literally this time around) something just TOTALLY awesome. This time, it’s a fantastic web comic called “Little League“. The premiss is pretty simple: our favorite DC comic characters are little tots in elementary school, and the simplicity works SO well. Each character is still the same DC character we know and love. Batman (the lead in most the strips) is still this dark little rascal who appreciates alone time (aka “timeout”) and who’s mind is always on his next move. In one strip, its story time and he’s quick to pull out and study “The Art of War”.  Meanwhile his best friend, Super Man, is straight edge, in love with his own traditional style, and frequently love struck.

That said, the grade school element and adorable illustration makes for some laugh worthy scenarios and just plane cute scenes. It’s fair to say I do tend to be jaded in favor of humor or stories that revolve around children. The Little Prince stands as my all time favorite book, so its no surprise that my heart swells and a smile forms when I can get lost in a story about to best bud kids, but seriously, they are quick, funny (& sometimes surprisingly dramatic), and just plain great reads.

I mean, tell me thats not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (illustrated at least)! Maybe if you hate kids its not your thing (because your probably a demon witch or something), but really…you owe it to yourself to check it out. Like them on Facebook, tumblr , or twitter. You owe it to yourself.

Enjoy, and thanks for the read!

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Worked a July 4th themed event in Galeton PA over this past weekend.

My friends have a cabin in the area, so I work the small show myself, then we spend the evening with a few drinks, small talk, and nothing much to do (which is a good thing).

Anywhos, while its a small show, it remains nice n’ busy for one person. After a few hours of back to back sketches and drawing up a little girl….she smiles at her sketch, and takes it from my hands holding it in awe while money is exchanged with the mother along with the proper “thank you/you’re welcome” combo.  They start to walk away and I can her the girl say to her mother…

“He’s really good! I think he deserves a promotion!”

Thanks kid.
Made my day.

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Forward March (into May)

So taxes are done and behind us!


Got a chance to talk with both an accountant and a banker about some future business ideas, and more importantly, got a chance to talk it over with some close friends and other caricature artists. Part of that includes our very first permanent location! Woooooo! Right? Right! We will be providing the caricatures for The Hudson Valley Renegades over their season at Dutchess Stadium in NY. It’s no six flags, but its steady work, and defiantly a step in the right direction. Plus the season mixes in well with the fair line up we have here on the East Coast.

That said, more immediate work this weekend. A North East Collectors Fest  and then drawing in the oh so local downtown of Beacon NY for an event they call “Second Saturday”. I think it’ll be a good and fun day! I’m especially looking  forward to the collectors fest. I think I’ll get some fun theme sketches out of it. All the while our boys march on down in Texas.

Anywhos….now for some art……

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and following.
May the force be with you!

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Angry Arnold’s modern, regular, amazing, adventure time with Uncle Grandpa’

So Chris Chua and I were talking about this and that one day when we started talking about some of our favorite cartoons. While a true to blood 90’s child, I’m a huge fan of classics such as Rockos Modern Life, Hey Arnold, The Angry Beavers, etc. Heck, some of those may even early millennium. Okay, so I’m really bad at remembering when anything really happened in my childhood, but I know I love those cartoons.

Which is why I am surprised to be quite pleased by cartoons I’m seeing on TV now and days. I’m not saying they are perfect or even great, but there are a few fun and silly things on TV. First off “The Regular Show” and “The Amazing World of Gumball” can be a fun watch. Not every episode is a win, but it’s a nice change of pace from Spongebob. Thought to top these, my new love is “Adventure Time”. I think the script and illustrations are consistently silly, with the perfect setting to allow for over the top senerios. It has already found itself the center of a handful of internet memes, and I hope to see more as time goes on.

ANWAYS, enough of my blabbing.

Having this conversation Chris turned me onto a cartoon that only aired once (I believe) and it is one of very few cartoons that can make me actually “lol”.  Yes, I am a sucker for fart jokes, but even if your not, I think you could agree the timing on their jokes is superb, and over all the show is just entirely silly! (note…if you can’t tell, I like things to be “silly”)

So without further adieu, I present to you (drum roll)…

Uncle Grandpa’ Episode 1

Uncle Grandpa’ Episode 2

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A weekday weekend

“Good news everyone!”

I, am not dead.

I know! I know. Life can go on.

That being said I have been away from the blog world for a bit (but I appreciate the notification emails WordPress). This weekend I found myself a nice little drawing gig around the corner from the office, and by office I mean my house. I drew at a fun bar called Joes Irish Pub while the rest of the crew drew on in Texas! Now being St. Patricks day I expected a wave of young and drunken fools to fill my chair. However, I was treated to a nice surprise of OLD drunken fools filling my chair. How pleasant!

No, really, it was quite pleasant. Met some fun people and made some decent connections for further gigs. I was decently satisfied with my art, but only found two of the sketches photo worthy….

Sunday turned into a “self marketing day” as I handed out flyers to the local business promoting my services and that of the companies. Which, has already resulted in one gig booking and a commissioned sketch. A win in my books.

Monday then, turned into hours and hours (and hours) of making up for a lost weekend by diving into the world of Skyrim (if you don’t know what that is, tsk tsk).

With that, I leave you folk with a great photo from our artists and friends drawing away in the Lone Star State….

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“APRIL FOOL” Contest

Get your FREE FULL COLOR CARICATURE (12×18) by winning our “April Fool” contest! Just follow the steps below!

1.) Find a foolish picture of yourself or who ever you might want a caricature drawn of (goofy friends, soon to be embarrassed loved one, etc).

2.) Go to our Facebook (<- click it, like it) and either post the photo to our wall with a caption about being our April Fool, or message it to us before April 1st!

3.) Come back after April 1st, find the “foolish faces” album, and vote for what you think are the most “foolish” pictures by “liking” them!

4.) The photo with the “most” likes by April 8th will win, and be used to draw a full color caricature that will get sent to the submitter!

Remember, the photo with the most “likes” wins, so get your friends to like our Facebook now so when voting time rolls around, you can win your foolish caricature! Hopefully we will get to see some fun pictures that lead to even more fun artwork!

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A good “good morning”

I started this business with a friend, of which together we had about 18 years of prior retail caricature experience. As we look ahead and work on our own operations, we try to look back at the once that we once worked for and with. Keeping in mind what worked and what did not, we strive to create the best experience for both artists and the customers even if its just a change in the chairs we use.

This is a portion of the job that I love just as much as the art itself. We’re a close group, us artist, and as we bring new ones on and meet new people, it is just fantastic to have an environment that goes beyond work and into friendships.  Even more fantastic is waking up to quotes like this on your Facebook wall…

You guys are everything I ever wanted a caricature business to be! I’m so glad I have opportunities to work with you. “…I thought it was the California Boys? That’s a girl!” Lolz. I love you all so much…! More than as artists, as people. Realest people and coolest artists I have ever met in my life. ♥ – Krystal Simmons

It’s a beautiful reminder that this is more than just a caricature company. It’s a group of great people, doing great things.

– Cory

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