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Howdy-do folks! Been a long time hmm? Yea, thats much more my fault than yours, but I’m glad to see you stuck around. Why? Because I’ve got some pretty awesome news, thats why. So earlier in the year we put together an AMAZING new stand that really spoke for what we represent as a company. It had a laid back “California” look with a ton of really varied caricature styles; from “park sketch” cute to “Beasthead” extreme! Over all, it was just WAY more the look we are going for.

So with this brand new (and new brand) look, we found our self satisfied with an image. An image we think The California Boys can stick with for a while now…and our main venue (fair stands and booths) was armed to the teeth with supplies, tents, signage, and more that represented it. This however, did leave one venue open. One we had barely touched upon but held great potential to help us promote our image and caricature ideals across the globe! DUN DUN DUN! Ladies and gentlemen…I’m talking about…


The World Wide Web!

But we already have a website right? Sure. Sure we do. I knew you would say that. So I took some screen shots (because soon enough the site your about to see will be dead. Very very dead) to really reflect on what our website is now. So I present, the home page…

Alright. So, apparently we offer free caricatures (which is true). And what you can’t see is that that arrow does point to a little Facebook link. So thats cool. Doesn’t really say what we are or anything. But it looks like there are other pages. A Gallery, and an About Us. Lets check those out…


Yay! A Gallery! It shows what we do! It even has three different sections! All of which though just pretty much just filled with photos at least three years old, and art from a whopping three artists (PS. we work with WAY more than three artists). Okay, maybe this whole “about” thing will make up for it. What do you think?

Hey! Look! You can see the little facebook thing I was talking about! Yeah, I scrolled down just enough for you to see that. You can thank me later. It is cool though. It even shows people that like us! God bless widgets. Oh, there is also a little blurb about us that pretty much tells you to go look at our Facebook anyways. Actually, you really should. Were all about that. But overall, just a really dull and unpersonal bio. Bleh.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone. This is actually quite a fine site (though its been most recently refeared to as “Citrusy“) The home page gets your attention, there is a decent gallery, and information about the company as well as plenty of contact info. It even fit really well into the rest of our look. So why all the cynicism? Because as I type this Jordan freaking Martin¬†is working on a website that quite frankly, will make this one look as dull compared to the new site as tic tac toe does to Dominion.

All you need to know is its’ not dull.

Which is perfect. With the ISCA convention right on our heels, we are literally hours away from putting the final touches on the new website (Yes, the timing was intended)…which I can’t tell you how excited I am! Seriously! Just a few of the things; Artists Profiles, Featured Articles & Artist Highlights, “The California Boys” store, an “Events” page, and SO much more! Plus, it just looks freakin’ awesome. All and all, I know I speak for Jordan and anyone who’s had a hand in it that we are all VERY excited to show it off in the next few days.

So keep an eye out, because I’m sure you’ll a post here (or me spamming you like crazy on Facebook) when the new site is up. Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Do stay well!



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Worked a July 4th themed event in Galeton PA over this past weekend.

My friends have a cabin in the area, so I work the small show myself, then we spend the evening with a few drinks, small talk, and nothing much to do (which is a good thing).

Anywhos, while its a small show, it remains nice n’ busy for one person. After a few hours of back to back sketches and drawing up a little girl….she smiles at her sketch, and takes it from my hands holding it in awe while money is exchanged with the mother along with the proper “thank you/you’re welcome” combo. ¬†They start to walk away and I can her the girl say to her mother…

“He’s really good! I think he deserves a promotion!”

Thanks kid.
Made my day.

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