Holy hannah Batman! The time has come! Our last post was pretty much a whine fest about an old website, but check us out now!


Mind blown right?! I’m surprised you even made it back to the blog? Or did you make it back here because its a “FEATURED” blog post?! Hmm? Did you like that little tid bit? Did you notice this blog post has been categorized as well (as will all “Featured” posts)!

Or maybe your just patient enough to not go clicking on every possible hyperlink. Probably for the best.

BUT WHILE YOURE HERE (and thanks for sticking around) let me give you a tour of the site…



What’s there now…

Like most home pages we have a nice collection of all the site has to offer served right to you. From featured section that scrolls through all the page options, the ability to order caricatures right from the get go, and even the return of (an updated) Facebook widget (which we’ve already agreed is pretty awesome)! This time around though it allows you to view and interact with posts and photos from our Facebook page live. Double awesome right?

What’s coming…

We are pretty satisfied with the home page but want add a few more things to really spruce it up; including a twitter feed and a font created just for the site!



What’s there now…

Ever really wanted to know who we are? Check out who draws how? Well, merry Christmas! I admit so far the list is a bit limited, but to get the site out in time we wanted to get up most the artists that we’ve worked with and have given us their amazing talents.

What’s coming…

It won’t be long though before we organize and expand this list, as well as offer a chance for the artists to get work out of the site, and for our customers to pick and choose their favorite ones!



What’s there now…

Okay, so the titles a little misleading. It should be called “PAGE OF AWESOME THINGS”…but everyone told me thats a bad idea. But its a nice mix of caricatures, good time photos, doodles, and best of all…videos.

What’s coming…

I hope you’re ready to love us even harder. Best thing is…this page only gets better the more fun we have, and we are some pretty fun people. More art, more videos, more crazy photos if us having crazy times!



What’s there now…

Alright folks, we’re no Sears, but that doesn’t mean we can’t at least open shop. The good news is the first stuff we have up is completely free (we decided charging for wall paper was a bit much)! Grab a wall paper for your computer, phone, or whatever new age device your reading this blog on, then order you caricature all on the same page.

What’s coming…

Keep an eye out down the road for this sucker to fill up, from “The California Boys” t-shirts to the brand new solar energy “TCB” car*! Also, cleaner forms for ordering caricatures and gigs!



What’s there now…

Considering how much you love us, I know this is the page most of you will be uber excited for. Now you can stalk us at your will! This is totally the cherry on top! Check out what shows we’ve done, and what shows we have coming up! Weather you are an artist or fan you can now keep track of our next steps so you are always in the “know”.

What’s coming…

More stalker friendly info! Links to fair sites, a cleaner look, and a weee bit more order to the list of events!

Enough reading this though! Goooo check it out! Browse it! Feel it! LOVE it! Or hey, maybe you won’t Either way we would LOVE to know your thoughts. A lot of work went into getting this ready and a lot of work is going to be put into making it right! See something your not fond of? Think a feature would be great? Or maybe you do like it the way it is, seriously, we are looking for all the feedback we can get!

Jokes aside…a LOT of effort has been put into this work, mainly by Jordan Martin. Plenty of you guys out there has made this possible, but I have personally watched this man slave over (and deal with my nit picking) his computer to make this happen. So if you liked what you saw, give a hand to Jordan for the amazing work and effort he has put in. He’s a best friend not only to me but this company as well, and we would be NOWHERE without him.

So drop a comment, send a message, write an email, do whatever. We hope to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to read!

Thanks again guys!

*We are not making a car, sorry folks.

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Howdy-do folks! Been a long time hmm? Yea, thats much more my fault than yours, but I’m glad to see you stuck around. Why? Because I’ve got some pretty awesome news, thats why. So earlier in the year we put together an AMAZING new stand that really spoke for what we represent as a company. It had a laid back “California” look with a ton of really varied caricature styles; from “park sketch” cute to “Beasthead” extreme! Over all, it was just WAY more the look we are going for.

So with this brand new (and new brand) look, we found our self satisfied with an image. An image we think The California Boys can stick with for a while now…and our main venue (fair stands and booths) was armed to the teeth with supplies, tents, signage, and more that represented it. This however, did leave one venue open. One we had barely touched upon but held great potential to help us promote our image and caricature ideals across the globe! DUN DUN DUN! Ladies and gentlemen…I’m talking about…


The World Wide Web!

But we already have a website right? Sure. Sure we do. I knew you would say that. So I took some screen shots (because soon enough the site your about to see will be dead. Very very dead) to really reflect on what our website is now. So I present, the home page…

Alright. So, apparently we offer free caricatures (which is true). And what you can’t see is that that arrow does point to a little Facebook link. So thats cool. Doesn’t really say what we are or anything. But it looks like there are other pages. A Gallery, and an About Us. Lets check those out…


Yay! A Gallery! It shows what we do! It even has three different sections! All of which though just pretty much just filled with photos at least three years old, and art from a whopping three artists (PS. we work with WAY more than three artists). Okay, maybe this whole “about” thing will make up for it. What do you think?

Hey! Look! You can see the little facebook thing I was talking about! Yeah, I scrolled down just enough for you to see that. You can thank me later. It is cool though. It even shows people that like us! God bless widgets. Oh, there is also a little blurb about us that pretty much tells you to go look at our Facebook anyways. Actually, you really should. Were all about that. But overall, just a really dull and unpersonal bio. Bleh.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone. This is actually quite a fine site (though its been most recently refeared to as “Citrusy“) The home page gets your attention, there is a decent gallery, and information about the company as well as plenty of contact info. It even fit really well into the rest of our look. So why all the cynicism? Because as I type this Jordan freaking Martin is working on a website that quite frankly, will make this one look as dull compared to the new site as tic tac toe does to Dominion.

All you need to know is its’ not dull.

Which is perfect. With the ISCA convention right on our heels, we are literally hours away from putting the final touches on the new website (Yes, the timing was intended)…which I can’t tell you how excited I am! Seriously! Just a few of the things; Artists Profiles, Featured Articles & Artist Highlights, “The California Boys” store, an “Events” page, and SO much more! Plus, it just looks freakin’ awesome. All and all, I know I speak for Jordan and anyone who’s had a hand in it that we are all VERY excited to show it off in the next few days.

So keep an eye out, because I’m sure you’ll a post here (or me spamming you like crazy on Facebook) when the new site is up. Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Do stay well!



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So I every now & again I stumble upon  (quite literally this time around) something just TOTALLY awesome. This time, it’s a fantastic web comic called “Little League“. The premiss is pretty simple: our favorite DC comic characters are little tots in elementary school, and the simplicity works SO well. Each character is still the same DC character we know and love. Batman (the lead in most the strips) is still this dark little rascal who appreciates alone time (aka “timeout”) and who’s mind is always on his next move. In one strip, its story time and he’s quick to pull out and study “The Art of War”.  Meanwhile his best friend, Super Man, is straight edge, in love with his own traditional style, and frequently love struck.

That said, the grade school element and adorable illustration makes for some laugh worthy scenarios and just plane cute scenes. It’s fair to say I do tend to be jaded in favor of humor or stories that revolve around children. The Little Prince stands as my all time favorite book, so its no surprise that my heart swells and a smile forms when I can get lost in a story about to best bud kids, but seriously, they are quick, funny (& sometimes surprisingly dramatic), and just plain great reads.

I mean, tell me thats not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (illustrated at least)! Maybe if you hate kids its not your thing (because your probably a demon witch or something), but really…you owe it to yourself to check it out. Like them on Facebook, tumblr , or twitter. You owe it to yourself.

Enjoy, and thanks for the read!

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Worked a July 4th themed event in Galeton PA over this past weekend.

My friends have a cabin in the area, so I work the small show myself, then we spend the evening with a few drinks, small talk, and nothing much to do (which is a good thing).

Anywhos, while its a small show, it remains nice n’ busy for one person. After a few hours of back to back sketches and drawing up a little girl….she smiles at her sketch, and takes it from my hands holding it in awe while money is exchanged with the mother along with the proper “thank you/you’re welcome” combo.  They start to walk away and I can her the girl say to her mother…

“He’s really good! I think he deserves a promotion!”

Thanks kid.
Made my day.

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A post was made on my wall the other day from an artist that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It summed up much better what I was trying to say in my last post. Some of it was about our personal friendship, of which I have removed, to share her thoughts with you about the company…


I cannot express enough gratitude to you about starting a caricature company, where I can be stress free, where I really feel like my boss is my friend, where its about quality over quantity, and the display is something I can be proud of. Where I get disciplined because its actually my fault…I have learned so much about my art and myself through the job opportunities I’ve been presented with by your company.

The California Boys is a big deal to me. It’s not just about money. I don’t think I could express it in words adequately.

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We decided early on, that our measurement of success would not be based on income or profits. Instead, those would be a reward (or not) of success. A side effect if you will.
Instead we started a company based on Free Caricatures. It was a whim, and it worked. To this day one of my fondest caricature moments was drawing in the middle of Times Square, the heart of NYC, and in turn the world…drawing for free, and people absolutely loving it.

It was a time spent with fellow artists Jared Layser and Tony Sobota. One of us would draw, one of us would take pictures, and one of us would mingle with the crowd (answer questions, build hype, etc), then we would all rotate. While mingling, Tony was asked “why are you doing it for free?!”. His answer?

“It’s what we love to do.”

Having gone to school for counseling (it may have been a more specific degree), Tony was able to present us with a question that would be the foundation of the company: “What would you do for free?”.

While we can’t always afford to offer them for free, free caricature founded the start of the company, and kept two artists afloat and living well in NYC for two years. Now, our goal, and our measurement of success, is to provide an environment and venues where people who answer that question with “caricatures” have a place to turn. A place where art, not sales is the focus. A place to flourish, to learn, and to move forward as an artist both creatively and professionally.

Recently we have been working on a stand design that we hope mixes the professional  brand, casual atmosphere, and image we have created for the company with progressive and influential art of great caricatures. Last night, we posted a picture of the finished tent (not even the finished stand) and the responses were some of the most exciting and flattering comments we could have received. I saw artists who’s names and art I look up to respond with excitement and a desire to be part of something more than just a business. Just a few…

“I want to work in and around this tent . . .”
“Can’t wait! Lol! I’m so excited”
“can’t wait to see it all together…its gorgeous”
“pretty sick”
“Looks beastin’ G!!”
“Nothing like some good marketing. Presentation is everything. Looks great”
“Dude this is going to be awesome. Can’t wait.”

It is probably the best feeling I have felt since starting this company. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Tomorrow the San Diego County Fair starts, and while I won’t be there personally, I will raise a glass…to all the artists who have been a HUGE help in getting things to where they are today, and all the caricature artists who help make the art what is today, and will be tomorrow.

I thank you greatly.

-Cory Lally

With that, a few photos of the new tent, and for the first time, the new back wall…

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Well its been a good few days since the last post. Whats changed!? Work. Thats what.
Fairs are kicking in and picking up on both the East Coast and in the midwest! I have been working with the awesome Jimmy V.  while Jared & Jeff have been taking on the great state of Oklahoma!

Meanwhile…no one has seen The Avengers yet. 😦

BUT, we can afford to now! Also, we can afford to be in a wee little fair called…


How did we get into this awesome fair? Well, it went a bit like this…

“Hey California, how are yea?” – Us

“Oh, I’m good…you?” – Cali

“Thanks for asking, were freaking GREAT! We heard you had some pretty big fairs…” – Us

“True that, true that…you uh, you want in one?” – Cali

“YUP!” – Us

“Alright, let me make a call or two aaaa NAAAHH just kidding! Get your ass to San Diego! You know your accepted (because you’re so awesome)!” – Cali



And thats pretty much the magic behind booking fairs. So its been an exciting week as we race to pull together the appropriate funds, but all for what will be an awesome time, and an awesome step to the west. The California Boys are finally going to California.


Cheers to that!



Now, some photos…

Jimmy at the stand.

Whats that? Licensees Handbook for the San Diego Fair!? Mirrored image at that!? Oh, I feel cool alright!

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Don Corys Alone

So, turns out last Saturday was a bust. :/

The events were fun, and great for themselves but I can’t say I got much out of it. A fun doodle or two I suppose.
Wheres does this leave me?

Well right here of corse! Right here with cold pizza, a computer, and the social company of two cats (I am by no means complaining)!
Still messing around with digital caricatures. I’ve recently become part of a Facebook group that encourages funny and crazy likenesses, so I’m trying to use this as a chance to work with the tablet. This weeks theme for the group was “The Godfather” (a favorite series of mine). I drew to digital sketches. One an attempt at detail (that I feel its obvious I got lazier as moved from character to character) and other an attempt at simple and silly (thanks to the harsh yet helpful critique of friend and artist Ali Thome).

Well, now to go do something with my day, and to give you some art to check out.

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Forward March (into May)

So taxes are done and behind us!


Got a chance to talk with both an accountant and a banker about some future business ideas, and more importantly, got a chance to talk it over with some close friends and other caricature artists. Part of that includes our very first permanent location! Woooooo! Right? Right! We will be providing the caricatures for The Hudson Valley Renegades over their season at Dutchess Stadium in NY. It’s no six flags, but its steady work, and defiantly a step in the right direction. Plus the season mixes in well with the fair line up we have here on the East Coast.

That said, more immediate work this weekend. A North East Collectors Fest  and then drawing in the oh so local downtown of Beacon NY for an event they call “Second Saturday”. I think it’ll be a good and fun day! I’m especially looking  forward to the collectors fest. I think I’ll get some fun theme sketches out of it. All the while our boys march on down in Texas.

Anywhos….now for some art……

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and following.
May the force be with you!

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Save the Date

Another week passed filled with the odds and ends of life & work.

Sent out some of the business plan to co-workers for their opinions, drew some commissions, prepping for taxes (yay!)booked some parties, and new to the list? Staffed some shows.
In the beginning of the year I fill in my calendar with shows and events we are booked to be in, and it can be daunting. Looking at a list of obligations that seem to take up all of one half of the year, and leave you scrounging for work the other.

Though, it all comes together. After a few Facebook messages coordinated with some phone calls…my calendar starts to fill up a bit more. Each show is now followed by the name of the artists working it. One at a time a new artists name gets pinned to the calendar, and at a time of the year where the stress of no work and little pay is at its highest…..a sigh of relief comes over me. We’ll be okay. Even if we simply repeat last year, we won’t have too much to worry about. All the while, I’ve got good reason to look forward to next year as well.

That said, I’ve been ending my day with a personal relief….


…some good ol’ Minecraft.

(if you don’t know what it is, you should learn)